Silver Creek is developing novel regenerative medicines with an initial focus on treating cardiovascular disease. The seed for Silver Creek's approach was based on insights from work at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals in the field of oncology: at the systems level, tumor cells and cardiomyocytes share very similar mechanisms of survival during stress; however, the cardiomyocytes are not as resilient.

Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer in the United States accounting for 1 in 5 deaths and affecting over a million people each year.

Despite advances in medical care, the one year survival rate following a heart attack is only 37% and no current therapy will significantly regenerate the damaged cardiac tissue. Using principles of computational biology and protein engineering, we are pioneering an entirely new platform of bio-therapeutics (Smart Growth FactorsTM) that can promote resilience and even regeneration of cardiac cells, while minimizing unwanted effects in other tissues. The first of these molecules have been designed to aid the recovery and regeneration of cardiac tissue in patients who have recently suffered a heart attack or who suffer from ischemic heart disease. The molecules are “systems optimized” to increase local growth factor exposure in the diseased tissues while minimizing exposure in other normal tissues.

Silver Creek’s Smart Growth Factor therapies have the potential to surpass current standard of care and augment cell-based stem cell therapies currently in early stages of development.

Silver Creek expects its R&D efforts will quickly deliver novel drug candidates into development over the coming years and rapidly translate into viable protein therapeutics to enter clinical development. In the future, we will also be applying our Smart Growth FactorTM technology to other areas of regenerative medicine.