About Silver Creek

Silver Creek is developing a pipeline of innovative new regenerative medicines to treat a range of serious diseases in which growth factor signaling plays a critical role in promoting cell and tissue repair, with an initial focus on treating cardiovascular disease.

Silver Creek’s approach leverages our understanding of the role of growth factors as survival signals in the human body. It is well known that growth factors act to maintain healthy cells and that this function is frequently disrupted as part of the disease process. Initially, our focus is on preventing death and dysfunction of cells in the heart, kidney, and brain, where irreversible damage is a common cause of disease and death.

Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer in the United States, accounting for 1 in 5 deaths and affecting more than million people every year.

Despite advances in medical care, the one-year survival rate following a heart attack is only 37%. Currently available therapies only manage the symptoms of heart disease—there are no available therapies to repair cardiac tissue that has been damaged by disease. Using principles of computational biology and protein engineering, we are pioneering an entirely new class of biotherapeutics_Smart Growth Factors™—that promote resilience and even regeneration of cardiac cells, while minimizing unwanted effects in other tissues. We have designed the first of these molecules to aid the recovery and regeneration of cardiac tissue in patients who have recently suffered a heart attack or who suffer from ischemic heart disease. Our proprietary technology enables the development of customized, “systems optimized” growth factors that increase local exposure in the diseased tissues, while minimizing exposure in other normal tissues.

Silver Creek’s Smart Growth Factor™ therapies have the potential to surpass current standard of care and augment cell-based stem cell therapies that are currently in early stages of development.

Silver Creek expects to rapidly build a pipeline of innovative medicines that unlock the vast potential of growth factors as therapeutics. In addition to treating heart failure, kidney disease, and brain injury, in the future, we anticipate applying our Smart Growth Factor™ technology to other areas of regenerative medicine, such as skeletal muscle indications, peripheral neuropathies, and liver disease.