Smart Growth Factor™ Technology Platform

Growth factors are secreted signaling proteins that are expressed throughout the body and play important roles in development, maintenance of tissue homeostasis, and pathology of many disease states.

Natural growth factors have certain fundamental characteristics that limit their use as therapeutics:

  • Short half-lives limit exposure
  • Limited accumulation in tissue of interest
  • Widespread expression of cognate receptor
  • Adverse off-target effects

Silver Creek has developed a novel technology platform to engineer and develop a new class of biotherapeutics—Smart Growth Factors™ (SGFs)—that address these limitations and specifically target and prolong growth factor signaling to promote repair in cell types/tissues of interest.

Modular Design of Smart Growth Factors

Smart Growth Factors are designed to unlock the potential of growth factors as therapeutics. SGFs lead to prolonged activation of repair signals selectively in damaged tissue.

Our technology platform encompasses the design of growth factor-based biological models to treat specific unmet medical needs. We have in-house expertise in protein engineering, manufacturing, animal modeling, and toxicology.

Anatomy of a Smart Growth Factor:

  • Signaling Arm: A modified growth factor peptide that alters the function of a target cell by binding to a specific receptor on the cell surface
  • Half-Life Extender: The half-life (time spent in the body before elimination) of the SGF molecule can be “dialed in” during development by inclusion of a number of proprietary protein domains in the final molecule
  • Targeting Arm: A peptide, such as an antibody fragment, that ensures cell/tissue specificity of binding and effect