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Apoptosis and Apoptosis Escape

Secondary damage in many injuries and diseases is often driven by apoptosis, a biochemical process that culminates in cell death. Modern therapeutic interventions interrupt primary injury but cannot reverse apoptosis.

Some injured cells can avoid cell death through a mechanism called apoptosis escape. Growth factors have been demonstrated to improve outcomes by enhancing apoptosis escape.

Visualization of Smart Growth Factor protein molecule

Smart Growth Factor™ Platform

Our Smart Growth Factor™ Platform is designed to address the traditional challenges of growth factors as therapeutic targets. Specifically, our fusion proteins contain three domains:

Growth Factor

  • The cytoprotective arm activates pro-survival signaling pathways which counter the underlying pathology of many disease states

Half-life Extender

  • Natural growth factors are limited in therapeutic applications due to short half-lives and poor exposure
  • Our molecules contain scaffolding designed to increase exposure in vivo

Targeting Arm

  • This arm is engineered to recognize and bind to specific cell surface markers (i.e. markers associated with apoptosis) to maximize delivery to target cells and limit adverse off-target effects